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Kevin Lenker Staff Photo

BME Mississippi State University Cum Laude 


This is where I'm supposed to write that I have been teaching for "X" number of years at HMS, but I've only been teaching two years and this is my first year at HMS and I am having an amazing time!

Experience is earned and worked towards over time and no amount of things I say that I've done will impress you until I've done it HERE, in Holtville.

So, let's just say that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do and I work really hard to give your kids every opportunity to have fun and learn with music :D :D :D 


Howdy everyone! My name is Kevin Lenker and I teach band and choir here at HMS, and I also help out up the road with the Green Machine Marching Band at HHS.

I went to Mississippi State University and am a true bulldog through and through CLANGA CLANGA! I play just about every instrument there is, but my first love will forever be the tuba, which I've played for 15 years now. I sang for two years at MSU and took private voice lessons for a year as well.

I'm an avid disc-golfer, proud Episcopalian, and I have a genuine joy and appreciation for life. I'm also really funny and work tirelessly for my students. I don't take life too seriously and love meeting new people! Stop by, drop me a line, or send me a text anytime! 


Vision Statement: Every Student Empowered. Every Student Succeeds.